Cellular Signaling Regulation

Cooperation Course


Yu Sanada

Research Reactor Institute, Science Museum of Atomic Energy 2F
sanada(at mark)rri.kyoto-u.ac.jp


The environment and condition of cancer cells are very important when considering the effects of cancer treatment. In our laboratory, we are conducting research on how intracellular factors that respond to changes in the surrounding environment are related to the survival rate of cancer cells.

We are also focusing on cancer cells (resting cells) with low proliferative capacity that exist in solid tumors. Since cells during rest period tend to be resistant to cancer treatment and are considered to be one of the causes of cancer recurrence and metastasis, we are currently exploring ways to enhance the lethal effect on these cells.

Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science (KURNS) is conducting research on a cancer treatment called boron neutron capture therapy. Focusing mainly on this therapy, we acquire and analyze biological data that will lead to the development of cancer treatment using cultured cells and experimental animals.